Guppies’ classifications according to colors are divided by two categories, the first one is Upper Body Color and the other one is the Lower Body Color. As for the first category, it’s consisting of 7 colors. Here they are:

1.      Gray; It is the most common color type of guppies
2.      Golden; It is called blond in US
3.      Tiger; this type of color has dark black edges on individual scales
4.      White; the name resembles it very well
5.      Albino; due to lack of Melanin, which is used to creating the body color, this type of fish tend to have transparent or white body
6.      Real Red Eye Albino; this is one of the unique guppy colors. And it means that RREA guppies has a clear pink color eye
7.      Metal; divided by two colors, deep metallic and platinum.

As for the Lower Body Color, Guppies only has two kinds of colors, which are:

1.      Cobra; this type has snake-like pattern on its body. One of the most favorite strains out there.
2.      Tuxedo; the lower body is black which make it looks like wearing a tuxedo, also called Half Black, even though it can also having other color such as Green and Pink.


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