As the previous post said, there are many parameters to classify a guppy. And this time, we will try to classify it based on the tail pattern type. For the guppies available on the market today, mostly are only variations of these 4 major patterns.

  1. Solid Tail. As its name, solid tail means the tail hasn’t have any pattern at all and mostly comes in solid and single color, including red, yellow, green, purple, black, etc. But recently, it’s hard to produce this kind due to lack of original solid tail pattern

  1. Grass. This pattern has small dots all over on the tail. That’s makes the tail looks like a grass seeds. One example of popular grass strain is the Blue Grass

  1. Mosaic. This is the most common guppy’s tail pattern out there. Mostly the tail will looks like a bigger dots that connected to each other.

  1. Leopard. This type has bigger dots than the Grass type. The most popular strain of this pattern is the Leopard Tuxedo, which also very hard to produce. 


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